Not Talking Italics

Russell Day came to Fahrenheit Press’s attention when they asked for submissions for their NOIRVILLE short story competition.  A panel of judges placed Day’s stories in first and second place!  Only one of the stories features in the NOIRVILLE anthology, the second one is available here:

Russell Day : Not Talking Italics (eBook – Kindle version)

Not Talking Italics features Russell Day’s smooth talking ‘almost-hero’, Doc Slidesmith.

Caught up in a high-stakes poker game that goes badly wrong, Doc finds himself sitting in a police interview room looking at fifteen to twenty-years. The police want him to talk.

That’s alright. Doc likes a chat.


Noirville: Tales From the Dark Side

Noirville – Tales From The Dark Side

It’s NOIR if they say it’s NOIR…

Towards the end of 2017 Fahrenheit Press launched a short story competition to showcase talented crime fiction writers from all around the world…

“Our crack panel of judges whittled down the hundreds of entries we received to the 15 stories contained in this anthology. We believe these authors represent some of the most exciting crime fiction being written today.”

This anthology contains stories by

  • S.E. Bailey
  • Sarah M. Chen
  • Patsy Collins
  • Russell Day
  • Jen Delozier
  • Paul Gadsby
  • Joe Guglielmelli
  • Chris Hyatt
  • Scott Miles
  • John Scheck
  • John Schreier
  • Jeff C. Stevenson
  • Alex Shaw
  • Marc Sorondo
  • Glenda Young


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Needle Song

Spending the night with a beautiful woman would be a good alibi, if the body in the next room wasn’t her husband.

Doc Slidesmith has a habit of knowing things he shouldn’t. He knows the woman Chris Rudjer meets online is married. He knows the adult fun she’s looking for is likely to be short lived. And when her husband’s killed, he knows Chris Rudjer didn’t do it.

Only trouble is the police disagree and no one wants to waste time investigating an open and shut case.

No one except Doc.

Using lies, blackmail and a loaded pack of Tarot cards, Doc sets about looking for the truth – but the more truth he finds, the less he thinks his friend is going to like it.

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